Multifunctional Body Health Analyzer (BCA-2A)

Multifunctional Body Health Analyzer (BCA-2A)
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Human body consists of water, protein, fat, and minerals and these elements exist in a certain ratio. Because this ratio is balanced in healthy people, if we can find out the unbalanced state of these elements, it is possible to use it as an indicator of many disease like obesity, edema, metabolic disorder and malnutrition.

● For precise obesity analysis;

● For quick health assessment;

● Predict the risk of many chronic disease;

● Making plans for physical exercise;

● Making scheme for weight control;

● Evaluate the progress and achievement of weight control;

● Basic data for proper diet plan.

BIA Technology

Different part of human body has significant difference on impedance. BCA use 6 testing circuits: Left Arm-Right Leg, Right Arm-Left Leg, Left Arm-Left Leg, Right Arm-Right Leg, Left Arm-Right Arm, Left Leg-Right Leg. Only this complex model can give real comprehensive impedance level of whole body. 

Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MFBIA) utilizing frequencies between 1 kHz and 1000 kHz. An electric current less than 100 kHz cannot penetrate cell and flows through extra-cellular water so is used to measure extra-cellular water (ECW). An electric current over 100 kHz penetrates cell membranes and flows through cell so is used to measure total body water (TBW). Using multiple frequencies, ECW and TBW are measured separately and this can be helpful to diagnosis of body water balance, especially edema.

BCA use advanced Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrode System. Tetra-polar electrode method separates current electrode and voltage electrode and uses each current electrode and voltage electrode, which brings high accuracy (Low contact resistance) and conformity.

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