Professional Full Body Composition 3d Analyzer

Professional Full Body Composition 3d Analyzer
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Technical inspiration from Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, the most famous university in China.Tongfang is the university operated enterprise group. TFHT,as the subsidery of Tongfang focusing on health industry, take advantage of the rish technology resources of Tsinghua university,and enjoy the top expertise form the unversity. Most of our excellent products come from the co-ooperation with Tsinghua. For example, the body composition analyzer is a result after 5 years basic research and passed examinations in many famous hospitals, the strict processure ensure our analyzer to be on the top level.

Guaranteed by MRI ——the golden standerd

Most applicable BIA system need to be calibrated by other methods, among those, MRI scanning is more accurate than DXA,CT and ultrosonic. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can scan whole body and regarded as "Golden Standard". Our research team use whole body scan to get continuous image of every cross section (interval 1 cm) of human body. by using specific software, we identify each composition and calculate its area. Then we calculate the volume of each composition and work out the final result with our patented formula.

Our analyzer is also high related with DXA result.



Real multi-frequency, multi-channel 

Modern science proved that low frequency current pass the human body in different way with high freqeuncy current. Low frequencies flow through the external water and are unable to penetrate the cell wall. A higher frequency will measure the water content inside of the cell because it penetrates the cell wall. By using a diverse set of frequencies, we can accurately measure fluid inside and outside the cell separately. Also, with the usage of several different frequencies, you are able to provide more information on the body composition because more resistance values are attained. Differed with those single "body fat scale",our BCA seres based on 2~6 different frequencies that measure each segment, providing a more accurate body composition information.

Our unique DDS technology produce the most accurate frequency for testing. DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer)is the most advanced system to output high definition sine wave alternate current. DDS is more flexible, you can change the frequency even without changing the hareware.

As professional analyzer,we use 6 channels for testing: left arm-right leg, right arm-left leg, left arm-left leg,right arm-right leg,left arm-right arm, left leg-right leg). Current of every frequency flow through the 6 channel and result in segmental impetance information. This ensure every part of your body get tested evenly.



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-Located in capital or coastal cities with convenient transportation. 
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-Good financial situation.
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Tongfang Health Technology is one of the leading Body Composition Analyzer suppliers, and a professional manufacturer in China equipped with productive factory, which is able to offer you newest professional full body composition 3d analyzer bodivis, CE, CEMDD, ROHS, ISO9001, and ISO13482 made in China.